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I am Karen, a former teacher and an empty nester. My Mother taught me to sew as a child and over the years I have sewn a wide range of things, from clothing, to quilts, to upholstery projects, and home decor items. 

Small Things Angel Baby Gowns is the "small thing I do with great love." It is a calling I felt and responded to immediately. I feel privileged and honored to sew these tiny garments and gift them to grieving parents who have suffered the loss of an infant.

I have never felt the loss of a child, I cannot begin to comprehend the pain. However, years ago my sister and I volunteered to shop for a burial outfit for our nephew who was called to be an angel at 8 months gestation. It was then that we discovered how difficult it was to find an appropriate and correct sized outfit for such a small baby. Additionally being in the presence of young families, pregnant woman, and those gift shopping with excited anticipation, was horrible for us in our grief. We said over and over again how glad we were that we volunteered so that the grieving parents were not subjected to the task. It was this memory that gave me the understanding of the need for providing Angel Baby Gowns through hospitals.

One day my sister posted an article on her Facebook Page about a women who donated her bridal gown to be transformed into Angel Baby Gowns. When I read it I was struck, I immediately knew this is what I wanted to do, not

just to donate my bridal gown, but to begin sewing Angel Baby Gowns myself. I searched the internet, and connected with someone who was already doing this and was willing to share patterns and information. Within a couple weeks I was sewing. Friends and family donated bridal gowns, then collected gowns to donate to the cause. I absolutely love making these Angel Baby Gowns, I never tire, it is not only a calling but has become my passion. I receive nothing but satisfaction for my work, I buy needed supplies and pay for shipping ($25.+ per box) out of pocket, Bridal gowns, supplies, giftcards, and even money are occasionally donated, greatly appreciated, and always used 100% for this project only. Today I perpetually need supplies and postage, while donated bridal gowns are sent to me liberally, the generosity of all those who support this effort is amazing and heartwarming!
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