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Transforming Bridal Gowns into Angel Baby Gowns    

The Bridal Gown, the most significant, most treasured dress of a woman's life. Worn on a day when great love is professed and celebrated. This gown is cherished and often handed down through generations, it can also be donated (which in itself a caring and loving gesture) to be transformed....

Angel Baby Gowns, burial attire for infants gone too soon, lost through miscarriage, stillbirth, or lost shortly after birth. These deaths are usually totally unexpected, a life is lost and a tiny burial garment is needed yet not readily available commercially. Angel Baby Gowns are handmade and provided to hospitals and funeral homes to have "on hand" when there is a need. They are given free of charge to the heartbroken parents as part of a burial layette for their precious angel.

Angel Baby Gowns are made as part of a Layette that also includes a hat, a keepsake handkerchief, and a blanket,  I also make Angel Wraps for those babes too fragile to dress

I work independent of any organization using donations and at my own personal expense. My only compensation is satisfaction in completing a labor of love. I feel blessed that I get to sew for Angels, honoring each little life and bringing comfort to their parents.

"Karen does the most beautiful dresses for babies who pass on. Having felt this pain I was able to donate a dress of mine to Karen. She is so talented and each dress she puts such heart into. She is a blessing to a parent going through this. To see there angel dressed in something beautiful and to know it is the last time to see them in such beauty as they say goodbye is a beautiful thing.. God Bless you Karen! .. In memory of our Faith Marie.. And all the baby angels! We thank you!"
                                   ~Jodie F. 
~Paula from St. Lucie Medical Center
~ Betsy from McLaren Healthcare
"You are a true master of your craft. You put your heart and soul into this for these angels and it shows. Many blessings." 
                                                                         ~ Denise F.

Karen has chosen to dedicate her talent and love into making angel baby layettes for grieving parents who have lost their precious baby or babies at birth. She uses donated wedding gowns and quite often donates her own money to buy the items needed to complete the layettes and mail them to the hospitals she provides for.  ❤️                                                                                                                                              ~Kay B.

"Unbelievable kindness in what you do. Your creations are just absolutely gorgeous."
~ Debbie D. 
Karen is a walking sewing Angel. She is awesome to say the least. She drove an hour this weekend to make sure a patient had a little bit of brightness added to a very dark day. Thank you again Karen
~ Michelle C. have a wonderful God-given talent for designing and making these Angel Gown sets...Thanks for sharing your talent for those in need.
~ Judy N.
I LOVE, LOVE, LOOOOOVVVEEEE how you transformed my dress into these beautiful gowns for the sleeping angels. Amazing job as always.
~Kim W.
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